Beat the Bugs

a zinc a day keeps the bugs away

Are you one of those people who always spends the summer with a cloud of pesky bugs around your head? Do people actually like you to come to outdoor functions because you attract all of the bugs and keep them away from everybody else? It doesn't matter how much you bathe or what kind of shampoo you use, the bugs just like how you taste!

There is a solution to this that will make your blood less appetizing to these annoying parasites. Take one 50-75 mg zinc tablet each morning. This metal will build up in your bloodstream, and within a couple of weeks these bugs will start treating you like anybody else. You can go outside now without fear, as the dreaded cloud of pests will be gone. Some of them will still come after you, but no worse than anybody else.

Warning: make sure that this is OK with your doctor. Zinc is a metal, and metals have a tendancy to build up in your system. Your body takes some time to use what it needs and dispose of the excess. Too much will make you very sick. Side effects to watch out for are nausea, tiredness, and depression. Limiting yourself to 50-75 milligrams a day is a safe bet. I've seen supplements that have 200 mg a day, which seems to be quite a lot. Increasing the dose beyond 75 mg won't make the bugs like you any less.

Be aware that it takes some time for the zinc to build up in your system and have a noticable effect. Give it about one or two weeks, and don't stop taking it daily until insect season has passed.