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About This Site

Welcome to my personal web site. This is where I share my personal thoughts, ideas, and knowledge on a number of subjects. The site is divided into a few major subjects, many which contain subsections. See the site map for details.

The rest of this page deals primarily with policy, security issues, and technical details. Note that I recently dropped some third-party services and "rolled my own" code to remove some privacy concerns.


This site is built for speed. You won't find heavy graphics here, except where called for (such as my gallery page). All content is mine, except where stated, and all copyrights apply. You must have my written permission to duplicate any content in any way. However, you are free to link to any page on my site.


I recently upgraded my service to eliminate all advertising on this site. This makes the site load faster. Any ads that you see are provided in good faith for services that I like. These ads are served directly from my site, and are not tracked in any way. The one exception is the LinkExchange ad on my professional page. They do some tracking.


I neither keep nor accept any affiliations of any sort. This site is a free public service that I maintain in my free time. In order to eliminate possible bias or obligation, I will not set up any sort of affiliations. This includes everything from link exchanges to paid content. Ok, there is one link exchange on my professional page, but that's to get my own ads out. That's fair.

If you send me a URL that you think would be a good addition to my site, I will add it only after careful review and consideration, and will only add a link if I think it will be a useful addition to my site. I will not expect anything in return.

You will notice that many of my reviews and articles on consumer goods are under This site pays me a tiny royalty based upon the general popularity of the articles. This only encourages me to write genuinely useful articles, which is my intention anyway. The amount I receive is just enough to cover a few shareware fees.


My counter sets a cookie in order to avoid counting unique visitors more than once. The cookie is a session cookie, which disappears when you close your web browser. I wrote the counter, so this information does not go to anyone else but me.

web bugs

There are no sneaky "web bugs" on this site. Web bugs note your presence and report information to data-collection services and/or set cookies. I do use an invisible "spacer" graphic to help format some pages. The pages with the counter use a script to increment the count and to load one of the images, but that's all.

There is a counter on this site, created and managed by myself. It gives me a general idea of the popularity of this site, and how good a job I am doing with it. I do not collect any information other than the fact that someone looked at one of the pages that shows the counter. If you do not wish to have your presence on this site counted, then you may configure your own security tools to do so (read your manuals, don't ask me). Note that you will be invisible if you do so, and I won't know that my site has been visited.

I recently opened an Amazon "Honor System" account. I changed the link to a simple text link to speed up loading and remove tracking concerns.


A bit of JavaScript is used on this site. It is all there simply for convenience purposes to help make the site pleasant to use. JavaScript is not required to view this site.


You may send any comments on this web site through my e-mail address posted. Any unsolicited, mass-marketed advertisements sent to this address will be dealt with severely. Don't worry, I can tell the difference between a helpful comment or question and mass-marketed ads. Please feel free to send me any comments. I'll know that you aren't a spammer.

Unsolicited e-mail will be reported immediately to all ISP's involved, both upstream and downstream. All attempts at encryption and obfuscation can be used against themselves quickly and easily. If the browser can get to it, so can I. My advice to marketers: Don't do spam. Just say no.