Bass Pollution

Q: What is "bass pollution?"

A: Powerful low-frequency bass from high-powered audio systems respects no boundaries. It penetrates all walls and spreads over a large radius around the speakers, typically several hundred feet. Automobiles so-equipped can be heard approaching before you can see them. They can be heard clearly inside buildings within the surrounding blocks. Another term is "low-frequency intrusion," and it's a real problem.

Q: What is a "boom car?"

A: A "boom car" is an automobile that has been fitted with a very powerful, amplified audio system. The key component of this system is the subwoofer, a subsonic speaker that is responsible for the intrusive "boom-boom-boom" noise that such cars make.

Q: Isn't there a law?

A: Several cities and towns have legislation prohibiting operation of powerful audio systems within the city limits, Nashua included. The penetrating sound is a nuisance and is considered noise pollution.

Q: What can be done about low-frequency intrusion?

A: If you are being shaken by the rumbling of loud music, don't just endure it and keep quiet about it. Call city hall, discuss it with your neighborhood group, or even call the police department. If you know who it is, talk with them about it. They may not even realize what a nuisance it is, and should know that there is a law on the books.


What is low-frequency intrusion?

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