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Gregory B. Searle
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Computer Technical Professional

Welcome to my professional design page. I am a computer graphics designer and programmer who has been working with computers since 1983. My specialties include webpage design, computer graphics, user interface design, and programming.

For examples of my work, please see my Portfolio and Gallery

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What I Can Do For You

Web Site Design Technical Illustration 3-D Modelling
Computer Programming Photo Editing Technical Writing
Multimedia Computer Installation  

Technical Toolbox

  • Internet - Web Page Design, CGI, HTML, JSP, ASP, XML, JavaScript, Flash, CSS, Database, Servers, HTTP, Internet Protocols, Graphic Design, Image Optimization, GIF Animation, Streaming Media
  • Programming - UI Design, Java, Visual Basic, C, Pascal, Asymetrix Toolbook, Fortran, Assembly, Machine Code, Version Control
  • Scripting - JavaScript, VB Script, Perl, AppleScript - Database - Relational Database, FileMaker Pro
  • Office - Excel, Word, PowerPoint
  • Design - Image Processing, Web Graphics, PhotoShop, Corel Draw, Illustrator, 3D Studio, Quark
  • Streaming Media - Windows Media, Real Media, SMIL, ShoutCast, Internet Servers, Media Cleaner Pro
  • Video - Premiere, Avid Media Composer, 3D Rendering, Computer Animation, NTSC Video Technology and Equipment, Video and Audio Compression
  • OS Platform - MS-DOS, Windows, Linux, Macintosh, Shell Scripting
  • Technical - PC and Mac Hardware, Diagnostic Software, Diagnostic Hardware, Video, Networking Equipment and Protocols, Barcode Automation.

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