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Intel was the worst thing to happen to the REX. First Xircom bought REX, and the REX 6000 was introduced. Then Intel bought Xircom, and Intel decided not to continue with the REX. Hopefully someone else buys the rights to this little device, but until then, it is up to the users to keep it alive.

Many dedicated REX users are already up to the task, and have created web sites to fill many needs. Here is a collection of some excellent REX 6000 sites.


Reviews by the users

rex forum

Threaded discussion forum

rex 6000

Intel REX 6000 Site


Intel REX 6000 Downloads


Intel REX 6000 Support


Lots of useful info

rex extras

Extra applications for the REX 6000

open directory

Many REX links


REX docs and media

Web content for REX

mans ebooks

Mans's e-book collection

technical info

Technical information from Dipol Consulting

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