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Now that is history, you may need another source of up-to-date news and information for downloading into your REX. A new web site is being developed to replace Go to to check it out. Be aware that this is still a work in progress. A support page for lets you clip out a subsection of a web page at Meert's page. Set up a page there, then point to it from

There are also many mailing lists that will send the latest information directly into your e-mail box. From there, you can transfer this information into your REX 6000. Two useful programs that are geared toward this are Maillosaurus REX and REX Mail.

Personally, I use a macro (below) with Outlook 2000. I have a set of filters (Outlook's "rules") that copy certain e-mails to a "Daily News" folder in Outlook. This macro automatically copies messages from this folder into the Notes folder, assigning them to the "Internet" category. It also removes old content automatically. After syncing Outlook to the REX, I can browse through this information on my REX in the "Internet" category of the Memos.

Listed here are some mailing lists that can be easily read on your PDA. Make sure to select the "text only" option, and not the "HTML" option (if provided). Most of these links go to web pages, but a few are direct e-mail requests to the list servers. For these, there is usually a command that you must type into the body of the message. This command is shown with the link. If you know of any other good mailing lists for the REX, please let me know (no spam, please).

Outlook Macro: Mihail has developed some macros to transfer e-mail directly to notes. Go to his page at to check it out!

I've taken Mihail's code as a starting point and added my own enhancements. Get "Mail To Notes" version 2.2 from the link below. To install, first unzip the file to "pda.bas". In Outlook, go to "Tools/Macros/Visual Basic Editor" from the menu (shortcut is Alt-F11). Load the "pda.bas" file, and follow the instructions within.

many ways to sync replacement


MailToNotes Outlook Macro

maillosaurus rex

Mail processor for Outlook

rex mail

Mail processor for Outlook

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ny times

News headline summaries


More news summaries

financial times

Financial news

yahoo alerts

News and Stock alerts

Weather forecasts and information

intellicast [unreliable]

Weather forecasts and information

e! online

Entertainment news

entertainment movies

Movie schedules for theaters in your area

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Interesting and mostly useless trivia

thought for the day

Command: subscribe tftd-l

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News from the space industry

zd net

What's happening in the skies

pc world

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space daily

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