REXrex photos

put photographs on your rex pda

Processed Photograph on the REX 6000 PDA
Unprocessed Photograph on the REX 6000 PDA
Unprocessed Photo

Here is what a photo can look like on the REX. To view photos you will need either the Tiny Draw application or the Image View utility. These Add-Ins go into the Extras section in your REX 6000. You will also need to be familiar on how to use the REX Tools application to upload the add-in and picture files to your PDA. Picture files are 240x120, two-color, Windows Bitmap (.bmp) format files. If you would like to try using the sample photo file above, just click on the link below it to download the bitmap file.

Read my article on how to process and prepare an image for uploading, Photos on your REX 6000, on This article explains how to process a photo to make it appear clearer on the screen. An example of this is the processed photo on the left. For comparison, an unprocessed photo is on the right. The steps that I explain in detail in this article are summarized below.

An important caveat to remember is that the REX screen's pixels are not square. They have a 1.2 height/width ratio. To compensate for this fact, the image must be stretched during processing.

photoshop steps

  1. Crop to 5:3 Constrained Aspect Ratio
  2. Image/Mode/Grayscale
  3. Image/Size to 240x120 Pixels
  4. If Vertical, Image/Rotate 90° CCW
  5. Image/Adjust/Auto Levels
  6. Filter/Unsharp Mask: 4 @ 75%
  7. Image/Mode/Bitmap: Diffusion Dither

New Development: A 4-level greyscale (2 bit) display addin has been developed. It uses two bitmaps and switches the display between them very fast. What you end up with is a slightly-flickery greyscale display. This method is commonly used in the hardware of many LCD dispays to extend the display range. Under certain conditions, you can see a similar flicker on a laptop display.

To get it, go to Benjamin Green's REX page and download the "PictToRex" application. This is a Windows application that will create a REX 6000 addin from a bitmap picture. At this time, you have to create a separate addin for every picture.