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Screen Protector from CyberGuys

Screen protectors are thin sheets of plastic that serve as a barrier between your fragile PDA screen and the outside world. Dirt, coins, keys, and even your stylus can scratch your screen. The sensing layer may even stop working if it wears down too far.

The best screen protector is clear and won't make your display look fuzzy. It has a nice "feel" to it when you tap your stylus, and doesn't interfere with moving the stylus across the screen. A good screen protector will keep a firm grip on the display, but won't leave any residue when removed.

Here are some sources for screen protectors. These are typically made for Palm devices, so you will have to cut them to fit your REX. Unually you can get two screens worth out of one sheet.


Screen Protector and care kit

Tech Depot

Palm screen protectors

These can be somewhat expensive for a little sheet of plastic. If you want to avoid the expense, there are other, much cheaper solutions.

vinyl sheets

Efficient screen protector (

olive oil

Olive oil reduces scratches (pda street)

Breatch Mints

pocket protector

Another way to protect your REX is to put something in front of it. I keep a package of these breath mints in my pocket in front of the PDA. It's a thin, plastic package about the same size as the REX itself. Any impacts are absorbed and distributed by the package.


The REX PDA will fit into most business card cases. Usually there is no room for a stylus, unless you modify the case. There is some room to the side, but you will need to shorten your stylus to make it fit. Here are some notes on what to look for in cases:

  • The case must have at least 3/16" (about 0.2" or 5 mm) inside depth to fit the REX

  • The studier the material, the better it will protet your fragile screen. Plastic is good. Metal is better.

  • Padding material is a bonus, but you probably won't find this in a business card case.

There seems to be a web portal for just about everything these days. Here is one for business card cases. Also, check out the page on REX cases.

A business card case portal case page

case file

Here is a variety of cases found on the net.

Blomus Stainless Steel Card Case Letterfolders

Blomus Case

Tough stainless steel case with cover.

DataSlim 2
DataSlim 2
DataSlim 2

DataSlim 2 Case

This case is only available through Citizen Japan.

Baumgarten's Baumgarten's

Baumgarten's Business card case

This case flips open into an angled display

Microtech MediaVault Microtech MediaVault

Padded hardshell case

Nice, hard, padded case made for a PCMCIA card. The other half is made to hold memory cards for digital cameras, etc.

The Writer's Edge The Writer's Edge

Mini briefcase card holder

Comes with a calculator. The hinge springs tend to be rather fragile.

The following cases haven't been tested with the REX

The Writer's Edge The Writer's Edge

Retro-style card cases

Stanley London
Stanley London

Metal cases

Astute Advance Astute Advance

Basic metal case

Computer Gear Computer Gear

Recycled circuit board case

OfficeMax OfficeMax

Black plastic, flip open and display

Executive Essentials Executive Essentials

Metal case

Kyle Designs Kyle Designs

Many fancy cases

Silberman Brown Silberman Brown

More fancy cases

Sky West Sky West

Really nice wood inlay on brass