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How to keep the junk e-mail away

Spam - the bane of all internet users everywhere. Every day your e-mail box fills up with junk mail, some of it very offensive. Here is a collection of quite a bit of information on dealing with spam. Some of it is easy to follow, and some gets into the technical details of tracing and reporting spammers. Note that this site deals with truly unsolicited e-mailings.


Coalition Against Unsolicited
Commercial Email

spam recycling center
Collects data on spam

choose your mail
Mail filtering service

Automatic reporting and filtering service

clueless mailers
Information on spammers

Search for spam info

Clueless Mailers


spam news
Latest news headlines on spam

spam laws
Legal information on UCE

the crystal cave
Anti-spam site

hormel's take
Hormel, maker of SPAM

How to prevent spam

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