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Email the U.S. Troops. Your message will be forwarded to the crews of the USS Antietam, USS Comstock, USS John Paul Jones and USS Princeton. Hundreds of people have sent messages of support since NBC 7/39 began our "Help from the Home Front" campaign. The ships can receive e-mail, but outgoing e-mail is severely restricted for security reasons. Because of this, Marines and sailors cannot answer your messages. But NBC 7/39 has received word from several ships that the outpouring of support from San Diego is greatly appreciated. The e-mail below is an example:

I am a MARINE on the USS Comstock. I just wanted to tell you that we really appreciate the support that you are giving us back home. I am very proud to be where I am at and having the chance to show the world that America will not let this terrorist act go unpunished. I will to do what ever it takes to see the job through. I just wanted to tell you that your e-mails are very morale-building and that it reminds us that we are not out here for nothing. The USA is the best country to live in and, if need be, to die for. Semper Fi to you all and God bless the USA. Thank you again for writing.

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From Donna:

For those who would like to send letters and cards of condolences, flowers, poems, thoughts, and well wishes, this will console others and help to heal ourselves.

I, like many others I'm sure, would like to send condolence cards and well wishes, to the heroic Firemen, Policemen, volunteers and victims of the New York City, Pentagon, and Pennsylvania, tragedies. I just didn't know where to send the cards.

Through my search on the Internet I found many places to donate money and blood, and found lists of the victims names, but found little information on where to send cards. I didn't find a "master address list" of the fire and police stations in New York, a "master address list" of the men and women that are involved in the search and rescue, or of the people among the missing.

So, I decided to start one for those of us who would like to send letters and cards of condolences, flowers, poems, thoughts, and well wishes. This will console others and help to heal ourselves. This information will be useful to the many Americans who would like to send cards but just don't know where to address them.

Thank you and may God Bless America,

Donna, California, (Sept 17, 2001)

Thank you, Donna! If you have anything to add, please contact me and I'll add it. Business addresses only, please; I won't publish personal addresses.

Statue of Liberty

address list

Mayor of New York

Mayor Giuliani
City Hall
NY, NY, 10003

Governor of New York

Governor George E. Pataki
State Capitol
Albany, NY 12224

Senator of New York

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton
476 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington DC 20510

New York Police Precincts

Many lost and missing

Precincts 1, 5,6,7,9,10,13, and 17, cover the South side of 59th St. and are the home of the Empire State Building, Wall Street, the United Nations, and the World Trade Center:

  1. New York Police Department, Precinct 1, 16 Ericsson Place, NY, NY, 10013
  2. New York Police Department, Precinct 5, 14 Elizabeth Street, NY, NY, 10013
  3. New York Police Department, Precinct 6, 233 W. 10th Street, NY, NY, 10014
  4. New York Police Department, Precinct 7, 19 1/2 Pitt Street, NY, NY, 10002
  5. New York Police Department, Precinct 9, 321 E. 5th, NY, NY, 10003
  6. New York Police Department, Precinct 10, 230 W. 20th Street, NY, NY, 10011
  7. New York Police Department, Precinct 13, 230 E. 21th Street, NY, NY, 10010
  8. New York Police Department, Precinct 17, 167 E. 51st Street, NY, NY, 10017

New York Police Department

  1. Joseph Caliguri is one of the NY detectives who are tagging the body pieces from last weeks terrorist attach on NY. This a very stressful job and will go on for several weeks to come:

    Joseph Caliguri
    37-05 Union St.
    Flushing, NY 11354

  2. The Police of Chief Medical Examiner:
    Police of the Chief Medical Examiner NYC
    Charles Hirsch and Staff
    520 First Ave, NY, NY, 10016

  3. NYPD 911 dispatch:
    NYPD-911 Metrotech
    Brooklyn, NY, 11201-3820

Manhattan, NY - Fire Engine and Ladder Stations

Many lost and missing

  1. FDNY Rescue 1, 530 W. 43rd St., New York, NY 10036-4301
  2. FDNY Engine 1/Ladder 24, 142 W. 31 St., New York, NY 10001-3401
  3. FDNY Engine 3/Ladder 12, 146 W. 19th St., New York, NY 10011-4103
  4. FDNY Engine 4/Ladder 15, 42 South St., New York, NY 10005-1616
  5. FDNY Engine 5, 340 E. 14th St., New York, NY 10003-4201
  6. FDNY Engine 6, 49 Beekman, New York, NY 10038-1510
  7. FDNY Engine 7/Ladder 1, 100 Duane St, New York, NY 10007-1108
  8. FDNY Engine 8, 165 E. 51st St., New York, NY 10022-6010
  9. FDNY Engine 9/Ladder 6, 75 Canal St., New York, NY 10002-6005
  10. FDNY Engine 10/Ladder 10, 124 Liberty St., New York, NY 10006-1008
  11. FDNY Engine 12/Ladder 12, 146 W. 19th St., New York, NY 10011-4103
  12. FDNY Engine 14, 14 E. 18th St., New York, NY 10003-1904
  13. FDNY Engine 15, 269 Henry St., New York, NY 10002-4808
  14. FDNY Engine 16/Ladder 7, 234 E. 29th St., New York, NY 10016-8501
  15. FDNY Engine 21, 238 E. 40th St., New York, NY 10016-1707
  16. FDNY Engine 22/Ladder 13, 159 E. 85th St., New York, NY 10028-2112
  17. FDNY Engine 24/Ladder 5, 227 Ave. of Americas, New York, NY 10014-4834
  18. FDNY Engine 26, 220 W. 37th St., New York, NY 10018-6603
  19. FDNY Engine 28/Ladder 11, 222 E. 2nd St., New York, NY 10009-8031
  20. FDNY Engine 33/Ladder 9, 42 Great Jones St., New York, NY 10012-1115
  21. FDNY Engine 34, 440 W. 38th, New York, NY 10018-2835
  22. FDNY Engine 35/Ladder 14, 2282 3rd Ave., New York, NY 10035-1709
  23. FDNY Engine 36, 120 E. 125th St., New York, NY 10035-1612
  24. FDNY Engine 37/Ladder 40, 415 W. 125th St., New York, NY 10027-4201
  25. FDNY Engine 39/Ladder 16, 157 E. 67th St., New York, NY 10021-5964
  26. FDNY Engine 40/Ladder 20, 133 Amsterdam Ave., New York, NY 10021-5964
  27. FDNY Engine 40/Ladder 35, 133 Amsterdam Ave., New York, NY 10023-6447
  28. FDNY Engine 44, 221 E. 75th St., New York, NY 10021-2902
  29. FDNY Engine 47, 502 W. 113th St., New York, NY 10025-8074
  30. FDNY Engine 53/Ladder 43, 1836 3rd Ave., New York, NY 10029-6104
  31. FDNY Engine 54/Ladder 4, 782 8th Ave., New York, NY 10036-7017
  32. FDNY Engine 55, 363 Broome St., New York, NY 10013-4202
  33. FDNY Engine 58/Ladder 26, 1367 5th Ave., New York, NY 10029-1001
  34. FDNY Engine 59/Ladder 30, 111 W. 133rd St., New York, NY 10030-3301
  35. FDNY Engine 67, 518 W. 170th St., New York, NY 10032-3601
  36. FDNY Engine 69/Ladder 28, 248 W. 143rd St., New York, NY 10030-1520
  37. FDNY Engine 74, 120 W. 83rd St., New York, NY 10024-5003
  38. FDNY Engine 76/Ladder 22, 145 W. 100th St., New York, NY 10025-5146
  39. FDNY Engine 80/Ladder 23, 503 W. 139th St., New York, NY 10031-7515
  40. FDNY Engine 84/Ladder 34, 513 W. 161st St., New York, NY 10032-6101
  41. FDNY Engine 91, 244 W. 111th St., New York, NY 10026-4105
  42. FDNY Engine 93/Ladder 45, 515 W. 181st St., New York, NY 10033-5102
  43. FDNY Engine 95, 29 Vermilyea Ave., New York, NY 10034-5428
  44. FDNY Ladder 36, 31 Vermilyea Ave., New York, NY 10034-5428
  45. FDNY Ladder 8, 14 N. Moore St., New York, NY 10013-2413
  46. FDNY Ladder 20, 251 Lafayette St., New York, NY 10012-4067
  47. FDNY Ladder 25, 205 W. 77th St., New York, NY 10024-6601
  48. FDNY Ladder 3, 108 W. 13th St., New York, NY 10011-7802

Brooklyn, NY - Fire Engine and Ladder Stations

Thanks to Bill Romaka, FDNY - Engine 238, for this list.

  1. Engine 201, 5113 4th Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11220
  2. Ladder 101, 31 Richards St., Brooklyn, NY 11231
  3. Engine 207/Division 11, 172 Tillary St., Brooklyn, NY 11201
  4. Engine 214/Ladder 111, 495 Hancock St., Brooklyn, NY 11233
  5. Engine 216, 187 Union Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11206
  6. Engine 217, 940 Dekalb Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11221
  7. Engine 219/Ladder 105, 494 Dean St., Brooklyn, NY 11217
  8. Engine 220, 530 11th St., Brooklyn, NY 11205
  9. Engine 226, 409 State St., Brooklyn, NY 11217
  10. Engine 230, 701 Park Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11205
  11. Engine 235/Battalion 57, 206 Monroe St., Brooklyn, NY 11216
  12. Engine 238, 205 Greenpoint Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11222
  13. Engine 240/Battalion 48, 1307 Prospect Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11218
  14. Engine 279/Ladder 131, 252 Lorraine St., Brooklyn, NY 11231
  15. Engine 276, 1635 East 14th St., Brooklyn, NY 11229
  16. Engine 283/Division 15, 885 Howard Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11212
  17. Ladder 114, 5209 5th Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11220
  18. Engine 205/Ladder 118, 74 Middagh St., Brooklyn, NY 11201
  19. Ladder 132, 489 St. John's Place, Brooklyn, NY 11238
  20. Ladder 148, 4210 12th Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11219
  21. Squad 252, 617 Central Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11207
  22. Squad 1, 788 Union St., Brooklyn, NY 11215
  23. Rescue 2, 1472 Bergen St., Brooklyn, NY 11213
  24. Safety Battalion 2, 165 Bradford St., Brooklyn, NY 11207
  25. Battalion 43, 2929 West 8th St., Brooklyn, NY 11224
Flag Raising

WTC Fallen Firefighters

The families of the fallen firefighters:

  1. FDNY Chaplain Mychael Judge lived across the street from this firehouse and often ate dinner with the men. Mike paused to administer last rites to a firefighter mortally injured by a falling body when he was hit with debris and killed.

    His family and the firemen of NY:

    FDNY Engine 1/Ladder 24
    142 W. 31 St.
    New York, NY

    Mychael's twin sisters:

    Frank and Dympna Jessich
    C/O St. John Newman Church
    11211 Beachamp Road
    Berlin, MD 21811

    Erin McTernan
    C/O St. John Newman Church
    11211 Beachamp Road
    Berlin, MD 21811

  2. The families of Firefighters Andrew Brunn (28), Louis Arena, Thomas Hannafin, John Santore, and Lieutenant Michael Warchola:

    FDNY Ladder 5
    227 Ave. of Americas
    New York, NY

  3. The family of Firefighter Martin McWilliams:

    FDNY Engine 22
    159 E. 85th St.
    New York, NY

  4. The families of Firefighter Michael Weinberg and Lieutenant Andrew Desperito (30):

    FDNY Engine 1
    142 W. 31 St.
    New York, NY

  5. The families of Firefighter William Henry and Lieutenant Dennis Mojica:

    FDNY Rescue 1
    530 W. 43rd St.
    New York, NY

  6. The family of Firefighter Sean Hanley:

    FDNY Ladder 20
    251 Lafayette St.
    New York, NY

  7. The family of Firefighter Robert Curatolo:

    FDNY Ladder 16
    157 E. 67th St.
    New York, NY

  8. Nicholas Rossomando is a New York, Staten Island, fireman who has been missing since Sept. 11. He is part of Rescue Co. 5 which handles risky searches and rescues during firefighting operations and auto extrications. Rescue 5 is also staffed by trained emergency medical technicians and divers.

    Family of Nicholas Rossomano
    C/O FDNY Rescue 5
    1850 Clove Rd.
    Concord, New York

  9. John Tierney, 27, was a six-week rookie fireman when he volunteered to go the the WTC. He loved the guitar, Bob Dylan, and America. Johnny, as his family called him, was a 1997 St. Johns University graduate. Cards for his mother, Helen, father, John, and sister, Mary Ellen, may be addressed to:

    FDNY Ladder 9
    42 Great Jones St.
    New York, NY

  10. Sean Hanley was a member of Ladder 20, and was off duty when he raced into the tower. Sean - tough on the outside and soft on the inside - comes from a long line of firefighters, including both of his grandfathers. His brother, Brian, is a retired firefighter. Cards for the friends and family of Sean Hanley may be addressed to:

    FDNY Ladder 20
    251 Lafayette
    New York, NY

  11. Thomas Farino was a 15 year firefighter and the youngest named captain of Engine 26. Thomas was a gentle, mellow guy who loved to read. His habit of jotting down notes as he read earned him the nickname "Tommy Memo." He is survived by wife Mary, son James 6, and daughter Jane 10. Cards for the family and friends of Thomas Farino may be addressed to:

    FDNY Engine 26
    220 W. 37th St.
    New York, NY

  12. Lt. Michael Warchola, 51, was just 2 shifts away from retirement from Ladder 5. This hero was a painter, reader, history buff, and a father of two. His brother, Denis is also a firefighter. Cards for the children, family, and friends of Lt. Warchola may be addressed to:

    FDNY Ladder 5
    227 Ave. of Americas
    New York, NY

  13. Robert Curatolo, 31, had been married only 27 days when he died just after dragging an injured victim to safety. Robert, known for being a sports enthusiast and a genuine friend, was funny and quiet. He has 7 siblings, 2 of which are fellow firefighters. The last photo of Robert was taken at "ground zero" as he headed back into the wreckage. Cards for the family and friends of Robert Curatolo may be addressed to:

    FDNY Ladder 16
    159 E. 67th St.
    New York, NY

  14. Lt. Andrew Desperito, 43, was a New York City firefighter for 14 years. He had a reputation for being patient with a calming influence. His son's soccer team, which he coached, went to the funeral in uniform. Lt. Desperito is survived by his wife of 19 years, Laura, and children, Nicole, 13, Anthony, 10, and David, 6. Cards for the family and friends of Lt. Desperito may be sent to:

    FDNY Engine Co. 1
    142 W. 31st
    New York, NY

  15. John Santore was a devoted father to his daughters, Tiana, 13, and Mirjana, 20, and a devoted husband to his wife, Frances. John, 49, is fondly remembered for playing Santa at his company's Christamas parties, and for his help in building a marine museum in his community. He was called "Pop" by many young firefighters. Cards for the family and friends of John Santore may be addressed to:

    FDNY Ladder 5
    227 Ave. of Americas
    New York, NY

  16. Lt. Glenn Wilkinson, 46, a loyal guy who had the same close friends throughout his life, was a firefighter for 14 years, a job he was made for. He also loved, golfing, biking, and running. Lt. Wilkinson is survived by his wife, Margaret, and their three children, Kelsie, 13, Craig, 12, and Kevin, 8. Cards for his family and friends may be addressed to:

    FDNY Engine 238
    205 Greenpoint Ave.
    Brooklyn, NY 11222

  17. Chief Peter J. Ganci, Jr. was laid to rest on Sept. 15, 2001. Cards for his family may be sent to his son, a NY Fireman:

    FDNY, Attention Peter Ganci III
    222 E. 2nd St.
    New York, NY

  18. As he headed to the scene, Firefighter Jim O'Connor of Squad 252 called his firehouse and spoke to a friend, who said he was about to head over as well. "He said, 'Ok, I'll see 'ya there.' And that was the last time that I heard from Lt. Higgins," O'Connor said.

    Firefighter Jeff Converse of Squad 252 ran into the son of First Deputy Commissioner William Feehan, who asked if he had seen his father. Converse knew Feehan was dead, but didn't want to tell his son, John, just in case the report was wrong. "And I tried not to betray what I was told, and I said, 'No, John, I just got here a few minutes ago, I don't know where he is.'" Cards for the men of Squad 252 may be sent to:

    Squad 252
    617 Central Ave.
    Brooklyn, NY, 11207

  19. Memorial services for Captain Vernon Richard of Ladder 7 were held on Sat, Dec. 8, at 1400 hours at 36 West Nyack Rd, Nanuet, NY, 10954. Cards for the family and friends of Captain Vernon Richard may be addressed to:

    FDNY Ladder 7
    234 E. 29th Street
    New York, NY

  20. Captain Fredrick Ill Jr. of Ladder 2 was laid to rest on Oct. 9. Cards for his family and friends may be addressed to:

    FDNY Ladder 2
    165 E. 51st Street
    New York, NY

New York Fire Department (NYFD)

The entire NY Fire Department. Money donations also. Send to the following Associations:

  1. FDNY
    C/O National Fallen Firefighters Foundation
    P.O. Drawer 498
    Emmitsburg, MD, 21727

  2. To the Widows & Children of NY Firefighters
    C/O Uniforned Firefighters Assoc.
    204 E. 23rd Street
    NY, NY, 10010
    (or call 212-683-4832)

  3. Fire Chiefs Association
    Fire Dept, City of New York
    P.O. Box 253 Riverdale Station
    Bronx, NY, 10471-0253
    (or call 914-225-0086)

  4. International Firefighters Association
    P.O. Box 65858
    Washington DC, 20035-5858
    (or call 202-737-8484)

Medical Staff and Victims

  1. Physicians at the William Randolph Hearst Burn Center are caring for the worst burn victims from the World Trade Center:

    William Randolph Hearst Burn Center
    525 E. 68th St.
    NY, NY, 10021

  2. New York Presbyterian Hospital
    525 East 68th St.
    NY, NY, 10021

  3. New York University Medical Hospital
    550 First Ave.
    NY, NY, 10016

World Trade Center

World Trade Center

  1. Joan Dorsey and the Dorsey family need cards of support. Their daughter, who is 5 months pregnant, is among the missing at the World Trade Center.

    5435 Tipperary Trail
    Lincoln, NE, 68512

  2. Michael Tinley is one of the 292 employees from the Marsh & McClennan group that are confirmed missing and presumed dead at the World Trade Center.

    Michael Tinley was born Jan 12, 1945 to a prominent family in Council Bluffs, Iowa. He is the second oldest of eight children and a graduate of Creighton University in Omaha, Neb. He has two daughters, Lisa and Jenna, and was a former California (Palos Verdes Estates and Redondo Beach) resident who lived in Dallas and traveled, as vice president for the company, twice a month to his New York office.

    The last anyone heard from Michael was around 7:45 on Sept 11 when he called his youngest sister, Suzanne, from the 100th floor of the north tower of the World Trade Center where he was preparing for a meeting. He spoke frequently to his sister Suzanne and his 7 year old nephew Henry, who live in a fifth story loft in the TriBeCa neighborhood that boasted a clear view of the 110 story twin towers standing just seven blocks away. "I can see you Henry," Michael joked that morning from the conference room on the north side of the building. "I am looking down on your apartment and waving at you."

    Almost an hour later, hijacked American Airlines Flight 11 slammed into the north face of the tower, reportedly somewhere between the 96th and 103rd floors. Condolences for the Michael's daughters, family, and friends, may be sent to:

    MMC Public Affairs
    1166 Ave of Americas, 4th floor
    New York, New York, 10036

    His family requested that any donations should be made payable to the Make-a-Wish Foundation, 1875 Century Park East, Suite 1460, Los Angeles, CA, 90067

    Condolences for the other 291 employees of Marsh & McClennan may also be sent to the same above address. The company also has a web site and a message board. You can email your condolences by visiting the web site.

American Airlines Flight 77 - Pentagon

  1. Victims, Rescue Workers, and Families
    Pentagon, Arlington, VA

  2. Leslie Whittington, Ph.D., was an economist and associate professor with Georgetown University's Public Policy Institute. She, her husband and their daughters, Zoe (8) and Dana (3), boarded American Airlines Flight 77 on Tuesday at the start of her sabbatical:

    Family of Leslie Whittington, Ph.D.
    C/O Georgetown University
    37th and O Street
    NW Washington, DC 20057

  3. Barbara Olson (45) was a lawyer, author, television commentator and the wife of U.S. Solicitor General, Ted Olson. Barbara spoke to Ted on her cell phone while her plane was being hijacked:

    Ted Olson
    C/O U.S. Solicitor General's Office
    950 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
    Washington, D.C., 20530-0001

  4. In a prime time TV interview, James Debeuneure's son and daughter shared some wonderful stories of their father who perished in flight 77. James was a single parent who raised his children alone since their mother died when his daugher was 5 and a teacher who would "give lunch money to the children who had none." Cards for his children may be sent to:

    The children of James Debeuneure
    C/O Bertie Backus School
    5171 South Dakota Ave. N.E.
    Washington, D.C. 20017

  5. Three top performing sixth grade students and their three teachers from the inner-city Washington D.C. public schools were aboard American Airlines flight 77 and headed for a National Geographic Society sponsored trip to a marine sanctuary off Santa Barbara, California.

    Asia Cottom (11), Rodney Dickens (11), Sarah Clark (65), and James Debeuneure (58) were students and teachers at Bertie Backus Middle School in D.C. Cards for families, friends, and students at Bertie Backus School, may be sent to:

    Bertie Backus Middle School
    5171 South Dakota Ave. N.E.
    Washington, D.C. 20017

  6. Bernard Brown (11) and Hilda Taylor (62). Cards may be sent to their families, friends, and to the students of Leckie School at:

    Leckie Elementary School
    4201 Martin Luther King, Jr. Ave. S.W.
    Washington, D.C. 20017

  7. Mari Rae Sopper was the women's gymnastics coach at University of Santa Barbara. She was on Flight 77, Boston-LA (Pentagon) Cards for her family, friends, and/or students, may be sent to:

    Mari Rae Sopper, Gymnastics Coach
    University California of Santa Barbara
    Santa Barbara, California, 91306

  8. Leslie Whittington, Ph.D., was an economist and associate professor with Georgetown University's Public Policy Institute. She, her husband, and their daughters, Soe (8) and Dana (3), boarded American Airlines Flight 77 on Tuesday at the start of her sabbatical. Cards for their family may be sent to:

    Family of Leslie Whittington, Ph.D.
    C/O Georgetown University
    37th and O Street, NW
    Washington, D.C., 20057

  9. Karen Kincaid (40), a Washington attorney, was aboard Flight 77. Cards may be sent to:

    Family and Friends of Karen Kincaid
    C/O Wiley Rein and Fielding Law Offices
    1776 K. St.
    Washington, D.C., 20006

Jet Airplane

Flight 11 - Boston to Los Angeles

  1. Edmund Glazer (41) was the CFO of MRV Communications, Inc. He is survived by his wife, Candy and son, Nathan:

    Family of CFO, Edmund Glazer
    C/O MRV Communications, Inc., Corporate Center
    20415 Nordhoff St.
    Chatsworth, CA, 91311

  2. Danny Lewin (31), co-founder, Chief Technology Officer, and board member of Akamai Technologies. He is survived by his wife and two sons:

    Family of Danny Lewin
    Akamai Technologies
    500 Technology Square
    Cambridge, MA 02139

  3. Barbara Olson (45), lawyer, author, television commentator, and wife of U.S. Solicitor General, Ted Olson. Ted was one of the lucky ones who was able to speak to his wife on her cell (twice) before her plane crashed into the Pentagon. Cards for Ted may be sent to:

    Ted Olson, U.S. Solicitor General
    950 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
    Washington, D.C., 20530-0001

  4. Barbara Edwards (58), aboard one of the planes, was a school teacher at Palo Verde High School in Las Vegas, NV. Cards for her family, friends, and/or students, may be sent to:

    Barbara Edwards
    C/O Palo Verde High School
    333 S. Pavilion Center
    Las Vegas, NV 89134

Flight 93 - Pennsylvania

Three courageous men, one flight

Jeremy Glick (31), Mark Bingham (31), and Tom Burnett Jr (38), are Heroes in every sense. According to cell phone calls to loved ones made from the plane, they knew two planes crashed in NY and they knew they were going to die. But... these three men decided to do something about it. "If we're going to die, there's three of us and we're going to do something about it." They did do something and because of their courageous efforts, hundreds, if not thousands, of lives were saved.

  1. Jeremy Glick (31) was a 6'1", 220-pound former judo and wrestling champion who liked to ski and scuba dive. He met his wife, Lyz, in a 9th grade biology class at Saddle River Day School in northern New Jersey. They were later crowned Prom King and Queen. In an interview his wife said, "We said 'I love you' a thousand times. Then he said, 'I need to know, are they crashing planes into the World Trade Center?"

    Lyz finds strength in having had the opportunity to say good-bye to Jeremy and in an interview she said, "Jeremy said, 'I want you to be happy in your life. I will be happy for you. You need to live your life.'" The sad irony is that Jeremy didn't belong on Flight 93. Jeremy is also survived by 3 month old daughter, Emerson. Cards may be sent to his business address, Vividence (Vividence also has a web site with more info.)

    Family of Jeremy Glick
    C/O Vividence
    1850 Gateway Drive, Suite 500
    San Mateo, California, 94404

  2. Mark Bingham (31) was a 6'5", 200-plus-pound national championship rugby player while an undergraduate at the University of California, Berkeley. He owned his own PR firm, The Bingham Group, with offices in New York and San Francisco. His mother, Alice, takes pride in knowing her son was a hero and is "Honored to have been his mother."

    Family and/or Employees of Mark Bingham
    The Bingham Group
    81 Lafayette St. Studio B
    San Francisco, California, 94103-2537

  3. Tom Burnett Jr. (38): According to his sister, Mary, the 6'2, 210-pound Tom Brunett was, "A quick thinker, very strategic." Tom was quick thinking that day too. He phoned his wife from the plane, gave his flight number, and told her to call the authorities. Tom learned of the horrifying news about the towers when he called his wife back a second time.

    He was also thinking strategically when he asked what the probability was of there really being a bomb on the plane. He supplied critical informatiom regarding the hijackers. "They've knifed a guy. They say there's a bomb."

    Tom, a practicing Catholic, was a senior vice president and chief operating officer of Thoratec Corp. He is survived by his wife, Deena, and 3 daughters, twins Madison and Halley, and Anna.

    Family of Tom Burnett Jr.
    C/O Thoratec Corp
    6035 Stoneridge Dr.
    Pleasanton, California, 94588


Flag of the USA

cards for america

More from Donna:

I started a group for those who are interested in sending condolences, cards, letters, poems, well wishes, thoughts and prayers, and /or flowers, to the Firemen and Policemen, and countless Heros, Victims, and Volunteers of the New York, Pentagon, and Pennsylvania tragedies.

As one firefighter said, "Without the support, we just couldnt go on."

Cards for America is a site to console others and heal ourselves.

Share: Share your story, tribute, or picture, of a Hero, Victim, or Volunteer of the September 11 tragedy.

Request: Is there someone you know from this tragedy who is in need of a card or prayer? Post the information and request to our site.

Unite: Send condolences, cards, thoughts and prayers, letters, poems, emails, and/or flowers to the many Firemen and Policemen, and countless Heros, Victims, and Volunteers, of the New York, Pentagon, and Pennsylvania tragedies.

Donna, Native New Yorker living in California
Moderator for Cards for America

cards for america
Go to the Yahoo group

send e-mail
Send e-mail to the group


send paper cards

From Pam:

Send "Paper" Cards and Letters of Support and Encouragement by US Mail to the Workers at The WTC

Please send "Paper" cards and letters of support and encouragement to the Firemen, Policemen, Search and Rescue Dog Teams, Port Authority, Fire/Police/Emergency Dispatchers, Hospitals, Local Unions, Schools, Medical Examiners, etc. at the WTC in New York. I have created a web site which lists the street addresses of the fire departments and police departments and many other organizations, schools, agencies, etc. in NYC so that we can send "real paper" cards and letters by US Mail to the workers there to give them encouragement and show our support. Please check it out and send as many cards as you can.

I created this site because after the Oklahoma City Bombing the Firemen, Policemen and other Volunteers spoke of how much they appreciated all of the cards and letters of support they received from the American public. Many told of coming from the recovery site exhausted and dejected and finding hundreds of cards. They spoke of how they would sit and read them while resting before going back to work. Each and every one of them expressed how those cards uplifted their spirits and renewed their hope. T hose cards helped to give them the strength to tackle the horrible job ahead of them.

The Americans that are working in this horrible situation could really use our support and encouragement right now. So many are being very badly affected by this and these cards and letters will really help.

Please pass this on to people on your e-mail lists. The more people this goes to the more cards will go out.

Thank you in advance to all of you who send out cards or letters and all of you who pass this on. I know these people will be most appreciative.

Wishing You All The Best


Teddy Bear

vermont teddy bears

"The Vermont Teddy Bear Company is donating Angel Bears, Police Bears and Firefighter Bears to all the families and children of the courageous firefighters, police officers, and rescue workers who lost their lives saving others.

"We would like the bears to come with personal messages from all of you all over the country. There is no charge for this service. All messages will be printed and will accompany the bears. We invite you to share your love and strength -- and let them know that we will never, ever forget our heroes."

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