What's New

timeline of changes

April 2003
  • The whole website got an overhaul
  • Added link to support U.S. military
  • Removed antenna ball - no response
  • This section still needs a good update
July 2002
  • Inspiration: Added link to a well-reviewed book.
  • Top: "Sign the Pledge" link.
June 2002
  • Inspiration: Put an eagle on your car antenna.
  • Condolences: More addresses and individuals
  • Condolences: Added ZIP codes & made corrections.
  • Condolences: Added link to send support e-mail to the servicemen in action.
  • Condolences: Updated layout.
  • At Home: Link to article about on-line cipro.
  • Media: Added september11.archive.org link.
  • Other minor changes.
  • Added bumper-sticker site to "Inspiration" section.
  • Checked all links. Fixed broken ones, removed those gone.
  • Address corrections in "Condolences" section (Engine 95, Ladder 36).
  • Updated content, fixed typos (ack!), and changed name of "Anthrax" section to "Prevention".
  • Added addresses to "Condolences" page.
  • Cleaned up some formatting.
  • Added some imagery.
  • Added "Anthrax" section with facts and advice.
  • Added more addresses, pictures, and a link to another address collection on the "Condolences" page.
  • Completed the layout of "Family" page.
  • Filled-in this section on the site map.
  • Found "Amazing Grace" MIDI song file.
  • Consolidated page counter code.
  • Added 100 Q&A on Islam to "Understanding" section.
  • Quote from Carl Sagan added to "Inspiration" section.
  • "Free Stuff" link (really $6) added to "Inspiration" section.
  • Finished correcting the error in the script properly.
  • Fixed problems with the page counter code.
  • Minor adjustments.
  • More links and resources (as always!)
  • Added more to the "Inspiration" section.
  • Added "Cards for America" discussion group link to "Condolences" page.
  • More resources and links.
  • Added warning message to "help out" page.
  • Getting complaints about script errors. Added message to front page.
  • Found the error and patched it. Removed the message.
  • Found and fixed a problem in the style sheet.
  • Added script to randomly change the saying on the top of the front page.
  • Changed some links to "inspiration" articles to point to their respective pages on original web sites. This is to avoid copyright issues.
  • Added more help & support resources.
  • Updated "understanding" page and relabelled link on top page.
  • Re-arranged and added some groupings on pages as links were added.
  • I will keep the title Noble Eagle for this site, even though the name for this operation is still being debated. The current one I hear is, "Infinite Justice."
  • New "Condolences" section with addresses to send cards.
  • Added another link to "Understanding" section.
  • New T-Shirts link in "Inspiration" section.
  • Created this page and back-filled the dates.
  • Added MIDI music file to Star-Spangled Banner page.
  • More resources and links.
  • Added Vermont Teddy Bear link to "Condolences" section.
  • Revised opening statement, again.
  • New resources in "Family" section.
  • More links on the "Help Out" page.
  • New "Tolerance & Understanding" page to discourage intolerance.
  • More links.
  • Revised opening statement.
  • Added "Support Freedom" ribbon.
  • Moved both support pages to front page.
  • Moved Dr. Cindy's statement to family page.
  • Received and included a few more quotes.
  • More links.
  • More phone numbers.
  • Added full-page printable flag to "Inspiration" page.
  • Father Mario at St. Michael's church calls for all of us to put our skills into helping out.
  • I start this site.