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Web Design

My web design experience includes both static HTML pages and database-driven dynamic web sites. I design both the web page layout and the graphics, although I can incorporate any graphics or photos that you provide.

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No risk! Payment is expected upon acceptance of work. All work must be done to your satisfaction — if you don't like it, you don't pay. Your request to upload work to your hosting service constitutes final acceptance. I will work closely with you to define the scope of work and to set expectations, so there are no surprises for either of us. If you have any questions, please contact me.


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This web site is set up as a showcase. The sections are designed with multiple, varying styles. Feel free to browse through these using the main navigation bar at the left to get an idea of my capabilities. Also, to see some of my other work, please see my Gallery under the Personal section.

Frequently Asked Questions

REX 6000 PDA

Where will my site be hosted?
While I am working on your site, it will be placed in a directory under my site, such as "". As for its final location - I don't run a hosting service. Upon payment, I will upload your site to the host of your choice. If you don't have a host, I can recommend one. I can even set it up for you, but all hosting services require a credit card and some personal information.

Could you recommend a host?
Believe it or not, I would recommend Tripod. Unfortuately, this company got a reputation for the free, personal web sites that are littered with ads. They now offer paid hosting services, and are trying to shake that image. They're fast, reliable, and inexpensive - better than some of the more expensive hosts. Their hosting service starts at $5 a month with enough space and bandwidth for most web sites. Tripod also offers all of the standard hosting services, from CGI to domain forwarding. With domain forwarding, nobody has to know where the site is hosted. You probably haven't realized that this site is hosted by Tripod, and wouldn't be able to tell without some technical digging. The catch? None.


Can I maintain my site myself?
Web site design and maintenance is still a technical task. There is software that makes it easier, but these are still works-in-progress. I can't recommend any, as you really have to evaluate and purchase software that meets your particular needs and technical skills. The question ultimately boils down to, "Who do you want to pay?" You can always hire someone else, or choose to maintain it on your own.

Can I squeeze it all into one page?
You may be tempted to try to save some cash by placing all of your content on one page. Most web pages should not be much more than fifty kilobytes in total size, otherwise they will take much too long to load. (This page, for example, is 124KB total. All of the imagery takes a while to load completely.) Also, too much content will create a cluttered, unprofessional look. Overloading a page will probably repel customers, and is usually not a good idea.

Spam Tips

Can I use your "Steel" look?
No. Let me explain. I prefer to work with each client to create a unique look for their web site, so I don't use templates. If you like, I can create a site that looks similar to my brushed-steel "Spam" page, for example, but not one that uses the exact same imagery.

Do you keep backups?
I keep all of the work that I perform, but can't guarantee that it will be available. CD's do get scratched once in a while. Since I don't maintain a backup service, I will only have the work that I have performed myself. If you modify your web site, please make sure to keep a backup of your work. It's a good idea to have a complete copy of your site on hand, in the unlikely case of catastrophic failure, or if you decide to switch hosting services.

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